Learn 2 skills in 1 workshop: Floral Watercolour x Brush Calligraphy

by Lydia Syiariel

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About the Class

  • Class Level: Beginner
  • Age Requirement: 8 to 100 years
  • Average Class Size: 8

What You'll Learn

You will learn :

  1. Brush strokes and movement to form leaves, petals, blooms, and basic fundamental painting techniques, such as variegated, gradated, wet on wet, wet on dry.
  2. Fundamental techniques of Brush Lettering Calligraphy, brush stroke, and movements. Downstrokes, Upstrokes, midstroke, control the pressure, and more.
  3. Tips to troubleshoot, choose colours to make your artwork looks cute and lively.

Fee Includes

Materials provided :

  1. Quality watercolour paper, 300 gsm Daler Rowney Coldpressed Watercolour Paper.
  2. Portable pallete with cover filled with quality paints from Japan and France (to bring home)
  3. Floral Watercolour booklet to practice at home.
  4. Brush Lettering Calligraphy worksheet to practice at home.
  5. Water Brush for Brush Calligraphy
  6. Quality Watercolour Brushes
  7. Painting samples for reference
  8. Water container

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Double the skills double the fun!

Always wondering how to paint beautiful and delicate flowers, peony, roses, lavender, poppy, many shapes of leaves, and compliment it with brush lettering calligraphy ?

This workshop will take you to the Floral watercolour world, plus Brush Lettering Calligraphy to compliment your artwork.

Suitable for beginners with little or no experience in painting.

Learn 2 skills in this 1 workshop. Lydia will share hands-on techniques and how to trouble shoot with live demonstration, and guide you step-by-step to solve your problem in painting.

All quality materials and painting samples will be provided.

Note : If you took this class before, you can learn more blooms in the 2nd class.

No refunds if students :

cancels a booking less than 7 business day in advanced

never show up for the lesson

No cancelation / transfer date in the 7 days before the workshop date.

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Lydia is an Indonesian Chinese artist based in Singapore. Her passion in painting started at an early age of 3 years old. She has a background in art with a degree in Architecture. She has more than 10 years teaching experience and was trained in Indonesia and Shanghai. She has been customizing artworks for clients and conducting workshops in Singapore since 2010. Teaching both kids and adults, she specializes in watercolour, brush lettering calligraphy, acrylic paintings on canvas and various media.

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Upcoming sessions
Sat, 10:00am to 1:00pm
Learn 2 skills in 1 workshop! Floral Watercolour x Brush Calligraphy!
Cafe de Paris, 313 Somerset level B1
8 Slots Left
Sun, 10:00am to 1:00pm
Learn 2 skills in 1 workshop! Floral Watercolour x Brush Calligraphy!
Cafe de Paris, 313 Somerset level B1, Somerset MRT
8 Slots Left

  • Naiise, The Cathay, B1
    Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Lesson Offered By

Lydia Syiariel

instagram : lydia.syiariel Fun and therapeutic workshop, small group to allow one-on-one teaching, to learn the fundamental painting techniques, and apply them in the painting. Step by step live demonstration to guide and solve your problems in painting. Service includ...

Reviews of Classes by Lydia Syiariel

Good workshop for beginner

As a beginner, I really don't know how to start or draw with watercolour. But after attending the workshop with Lydia, I know the basic of writing the letters and drawing the various type of leaves and flowers. It was a great workshop. Thank you Lydia!

Interesting workshop and nice trainer

The lesson was good. This is my first time doing watercolour painting and calligraphy and at least now I know the basic and can draw something out on a blank paper. Lydia is patience and very good with her works, will sign up for her course again next time. Thank you!

Good experience

The teacher was patient in her teaching. As a beginner, her instructions were relatively easy to follow.

Great experience

Instructor was friendly and I've learnt a lot from this lesson.

Inspiring and fun

The lesson was good and interesting for me as I had wanted to learn floral painting and Lydia was clear and patient with her explanation and her techniques. She went to every individual participant to guide us, to make us more confident on our styles of expression. I'm looking forward to attending more of her lessons.

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