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  • LessonsGoWhere helps me sell more and reach additional customer segments. Since working with them, I now have to start offering more classes to cope with increased demand!

    — Cecilia, Chantilly Culinary Studio

    LessonsGoWhere has helped me find new students in a measurable and cost-effective way.

    Their service team also responds to my queries quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend working with them!

    — Cindy, RoseBud
  • In addition to finding me more students, LessonsGoWhere helps ease my administrative workload so that I can focus more on doing what I love — Teach!

    Many students who signed up for my classes through LessonsGoWhere are still learning with me to this day.

    — Ashwin, Freelance Saxophone Instructor

    As a listing platform, LGW has helped us to reach out to a larger audience who are looking for recreational classes but undecided to what type of classes to attend.

    — Danhong, Bynd Artisan
  • LGW helped my business by reaching out to a wide range of audience who has keen interest in the arts. It was really heartwarming to see students with no art background at all giving it a try at drawing and painting and I feel really blessed to be able to share what I know with them. I was fortunate to meet people from all walks of life, young and old, all thanks to LGW!
    LGW has a very convenient system for both booking and listing of lessons! I have been a vendor of LGW for at least a year now and I’m pleased to say that so far all my lessons went smoothly! My students all arrived as planned and they were able to contact me directly if they had any queries. The staff of LGW is very friendly and helpful with any requests I had.

    — Yao Khuan, SYK Concept
  • Allows me to outreach more customers through publicity and marketing performed by LGW. Through this outreach, students are aware of such courses available in Singapore.

    — Angela, Wish I Were Stitching

    We have had some significant growth as a result of LGW’s outreach to adults. It gives adults another option to locate dance classes through us, if they hadn’t heard of the studio previously.

    — Jonine Barouky, Stepping Out Studios
  • LessonsGoWhere has been valuable in consistently generating a steady stream of lesson bookings for us month after month and also increasing our exposure to its audience. Our customers from LessonsGoWhere have enjoyed our Fashion Sewing classes and have been very kind in leaving us positive reviews.
    It is easy to post lessons on LessonsGoWhere. The platform has clear yet comprehensive features allowing us to customise your lesson postings. These features include adding multiple dates and times (sessions) for a single class and customising the number of slots for each session. It is also easy to manage customer bookings on LessonsGoWhere, which allows you to see the whole list of customer names and details.

    — May, Fashion MakerSpace

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SkillsFuture Credit Claims Processes

Dear Training Partners,

[SSG CIRCULAR/QMD/2017/5]: REMINDER ON DEACTIVATION OF PAY-TO-SELF PAYMENT MODE AND ENHANCEMENTS TO SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT CLAIM PROCEDURES This circular seeks to remind Training Partners (TPs) on the change of SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) payment mode and claim procedures implemented on 19 May 2017.

TPs are to refer to the circulars issued on 12 April and 24 April 2017 regarding the deactivation of pay-to-self payment mode under the SFC scheme. With effect from 19 May 2017, TPs who offer SFC-eligible courses would be required to collect nett fees from individuals, after deducting the SFC claim amount. Individuals who opted to use their SFC are required to submit their SFC claim under the pay-to-TP mode (except for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) offered by foreign MOOC TPs). SSG will disburse SFC payments directly to TPs after the claim has been approved.

Annex A-Updated Training Providers FAQs