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Hokkaido Snowie creation started mainly from the owner’s passion of a dessert lover to today a renowned world-class brand. Their dessert company’s concept embraced the creator’s unique culinary, culture and cultivation. Every product’s recipe is sensationally presented on every Hokkaido Dessert table. Everything from traditional Asia desserts has been fusion to modern east-western style and – of course – Japan fusions are served day and night around the world. We believe that everyone needs to take a break from your hectic business and family to-do list or simply come indulge in our dessert to enjoy moments of sweetness. Thus, our objective is to create dessert and ambience in such that you enjoy something sweet, and watch the residents of Asia’s world city doing the same.

Hokkaido Snowie initial offerings will be a mixture of rich, creamy pudding and bright, sweet toppings in a selection of sizes. Hokkaido Snowie Management believes there is a business opportunity to move upscale from the basic pudding dessert recipe, and offer a more comfortable, satisfying experience in a Japanese themed concept cafe.

Reviews of Classes by Hokkaido Snowie

A Great Experience & a Wonderful Memory w/Chef Ice

i enjoyed every minute of it !! the room was super charming and very easy to locate, the class was very informative, enjoyable, right size group, very knowledgable. Chef Ice is an excellent teacher he even went beyond the class scope to provide us with information about bubble tea and the industry, the ingredients he used for bubble tea was of high quality and so tasty it was nothing like the ones available in the market, i'm very pleased and happy having him as a teacher. Looking forward to taking Bubble Tea Level 2.

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Hokkaido Snowie


1 Irving Place #02-19, The Commerze, Singapore 369546