First Ever Skills Future Claimable Session of the Wonders of the Voice - Beginners Guide Master Class

by Voice4ads

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This lesson is SkillsFuture Credit claimable.

About the Class

  • Class Level: Beginner
  • Age Requirement: 10 to 80 years
  • Average Class Size: 8

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to the world of Voice Acting, Voice Over & Jingles
  • Live Demo’s on character voices, impersonations of voice ages, voice genders
  • Tips on microphone and equipment use
  • Script Analysis and Reading techniques
  • Tips & Tricks on Voice Acting, Voice Over & Jingles
  • Voice Modulation, Voice Projection, Inflection, Emoting, Pronunciation & Articulation
  • Pitch & Scale exercises for vocal cord expansion & warm up
  • Breathing Techniques for projection and vocal cord health
  • How to get started in VO
  • The makings of a good VOA

  • Changing it up with accents
  • Loads of interactive games & opportunities to practice & hone talent
  • Do’s & Dont’s of VOA’s
  • Celebrity videos & behind the scene insights on how it’s done

Fee Includes

  • Light working Lunch (vegetarian) and Light refreshments
  • Live demos
  • Equipment intro and tips
  • Certificates of participation issued by Voice4ads
  • Handouts with tips & Q&A with helpful resources on the Voice Over industry
  • Participants with Potential stand a chance to be included in the Voice4ads voicebank for actual VO Jobs requiring unique voices, accents, cartoon voices and authentic kids voices too.

Special Note

  • Sign up for our Integrated Power Package, consisting of the Beginners Guide Master Class + Advanced Guide Master Class and get an exclusive First Demo Reel All Inclusive
  • Please call to check the exact date, time and duration of upcoming sessions. BGMC is usually a full day session and AGMC is an afternoon session

  • We are mobile and are happy to bring the workshop over to your premises, condo, school, institute, enrichment or regional & community center should you be able to organize a minimum of 6 participants. Please get in touch with the facilitator to arrange.

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Wonders of the Voice - Using the Power of your Voice to succeed

An Exciting Workshop that takes you on a journey of Discovery about the Fascinating World of Voice Acting / Voice Over & Jingles - Harness the hidden potential of your instrument to success! - Your voice!

  • In fact, we have tied up with all RCs & CCs in Singapore and are now an approved, recognized & enlisted course under People's Association Skills Future @ PA. If the session is conducted through them then all adults age 25 years and above are eligible to claim their SFC under the SKILLS FUTURE CREDIT scheme. Only through CCs & RCs. 1ST session is happening this holiday season on 27th May Sunday at Marine Parade CC.
  • If you're availing your Skills Future Credit. PLEASE pay the CC directly - You will need your NRIC and Singpass and can use your available balance in your Skills Future Account. It is a full subsidy. Please make your claim within 7 days of the commencement of the session for it to be considered.
  • If you're not eligible for a Skills Future Credit - No issues! You can still register. It is open to all ages as long as you're proficient and fluent in English reading.
  • The CC offers a Passion Card membership discount. Full Rate is $260. Passion Card members it is $250.
  • Please read these registration instructions carefully before booking.

Eligibility: Open to all (Even if you're not eligible to claim SFC) Talented pre-teens, teens and adults who…

  • Love Radio, TV, Films or Audio-Video related Media
  • Know the words of ads & TV serials by-heart & never miss an opportunity to recite these with full gusto & passion
  • Are naturals at conjuring up accents and dialogues impromptu
  • Often find themselves talking to characters they manifest in their imaginative minds eye,are often caught talking to themselves in front of the mirror
  • Love to imitate famous people or cartoon voices they watch on TV
  • Are addicted to recording themselves, speaking with their ‘TV News Anchor’ or RJ voice
  • Love singing with a microphone or in the bathroom because of the fabulous acoustics!
  • Are perhaps shy in public but TIGERS at home!
  • Want to pursue a full time or part time career in voice acting, voice over & or jingles….Then this workshop is for you or that talented performer you know!

Benefits: Raw latent talent & passion is ALL you need to sign up for this entertaining, engaging, interactive, game-heavy workshop - A Voice Acting, Voice Over & Jingle Workshop - that …

  • Hones creativity and sharpens the right brain
  • Brings out the performer,
  • Helps overcome shyness,
  • Harnesses the potential of your voice to project your unique persona to world developing life-skills & an all-round personality
  • Gives you a head-start advantage – a potential to earn early in life
  • Nudges you along to becoming successful at a career you’ll love!

Life is an act! We're all playing roles - Ace those myriad characters you gotta play in real life.... or in a studio - getting paid to have fun doing what you absolutely LOVE!!

Refunds & cancellations are not available. If it's an extremely valid reason either for sickness or other extenuating circumstances - transfer to another participant / friend / family member is possible or a rollover to the next available session is possible.

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Wonders of the Voice is run by Voice4ads Founder / Facilitator, Noella Menon. She is a seasoned Voice Over Artist, Author and Singer with over 20 years of VO, Voice Acting & Jingle experience. She has won awards & International recognition with wins like The Hollywood Film Festival, Gryphon Film Festival & Richmond International Film festival - Credits include Script & Dialogue & Character Voices. She is the Voice of popular ad campaigns such as Malaysia Truly Asia, Vietnam Hidden Charm, Ponds, Pampers, Rolland Garros and who's voice has been featured on BBC, CNN, CNBC, ESPN Star Sports and Starhub. She has been featured in print & in the media: online, radio and TV.

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  • 50, St. Patrick's Road, B1-04, St. Patrick's Residences, Singapore - 424216.
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Voice4ads 'Wonders of the Voice' was launched in 2015 for aspiring VO Artists - adults, teens and youth with a great response! These master classes have consistently received top ratings from all participants with superlative feedback & testimonials which can be seen on our Facebook pag...

Reviews of Classes by Voice4ads

Highly practical tips from industry expert

It was a rather intensive one-day workshop packed full with highly practical tips and sharing from the trainer Noella. She is very encouraging and patient through out the workshop. She has designed relevant activities for us to participate so that we have some "hands-on" experience. She has also shared her own experiences as well as industry expert tips that are valuable to folks who are serious about kickstarting a voice over career. In summary, I would highly recommend this workshop to any voice over enthusiasts of all ages.