Out of the Woods – A Visual Storytelling Workshop

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Out of the Woods – A Visual Storytelling Workshop

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About the Class

  • Class Level: All Levels
  • Age Requirement: 16 to 99 years
  • Average Class Size: 12

What You'll Learn

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to craft a story effectively by telling the tale visually.

Writers will explore the art of telling stories visually by planning out a narrative in pictures rather than words, while illustrators will look at how they can capture the story without the use of text.

Fee Includes

Materials and tools

Light refreshments

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Better storytelling 101 using pictures… that’s what “Out of the Woods” is in a nutshell! :)

It’s a dual track session that helps both storywriters and illustrators hone their craft by exploring how to think about and create visual stories by examining a well-known tale.

Many great stories get lost because their creators get too caught up in the details.Their stories are full of ideas and wonderful things – which start to distract the reader.Soon, the stroll to grandma’s house becomes a confusing case of beinghopelessly lost in the woods.

Writer-illustrator David Liew will take you on a little walk, and along way show you how you can craft a better story by looking at them visually.No need for a GPS or a road map – all you need is a pencil and a Post-it pad (and even these are supplied in the workshop)


This workshop helps you to hone your story skills and avoid the horror of leaving your poor readers wandering lost and confused in the forest – at the mercy of the wolves!

You’ll be examining a well-known story in a visual form, helping to reshape it so that the reader’s journey is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

If you’re a writer aspiring to write illustrated books or picture books – this workshop would help guide your writing process as you’ll be examining stories from the visual perspective.

If you can’t draw – don’t worry.Even stick men and women have great tales to tell!


Illustrating a story is more than just drawing what the words say.It also needs you to make a lot of decisions – the most important being “What do I put in and what do I leave out?”

You’ll be examining a well-known story in a visual form, helping to reshape it so that the reader’s journey is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Illustrations are often the support to the words in the telling of a story.But they can be the story itself.If you’re an artist keen to try your hand at illustrating for children or even wordless stories, this is for you!

This isn’t about how to draw (that’s another workshop J) but how to bring out the storyteller in you.

Note : We'll need a minimum of 8 to start the workshop.

We regret there will be no refunds for cancellation of bookings. You may arrange for transfer of your booking slot to another person or for future session (subject to availability).

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David Liew

David is an award-winning children’s book illustrator as well as a writer, sculptor and miniature-maker.He is the other half of the team to Eliza Teoh’s best-selling Ellie Belly series, with the same for Melanie Lee’s Adventures of Squirky.David’s miniature and sculptural work has been used in television and theme parks.An active participant in the Maker Movement, upcycled found objects form the core of much of his sculptural art.

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Very good service and teaching

Very good and enjoyable!

Fun with brush lettering

It was fun and it's not about writing the alphabets but also putting design into it..

Good learning experience

I have learnt new techniques to write letters. The teacher is enthusiastic. The materical is well prepared. Would like to attend the lesson for advanced learner to learn more fancy stuff!

Learn details of lettering

This is my second lettering class I’ve attended and I can still learn extra skills from them, those helped me to polish my lettering skills better. The environment is comfortable. They are friendly and willing to share anything if you have questions. I love the whole experience!

Great and fun experience

It was a fun beginner's lesson, skills taught were useful. I enjoyed the reaching assistance. Only felt the class was too short and progression was too fast before we got to the main part without sufficient practice. Teachers were helpful and knowledgeable and I'd attend again.

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